Automatically synchronize UKG Pro employee records with Active Directory users using Connect to AD.

Connect to AD seamlessly handles the provisioning (creation), deprovisioning (disabling), and reprovisioning (updating) of on-premise Active Directory users, aligning them with the employee records managed in UKG Pro.

How it Works

Connect to AD scans UKG Pro employee data and harmonizes it with Active Directory users based on your defined rules and mappings.

All rules and mappings support custom expressions, empowering you with complete control to specify the information sent to Active Directory.

User Provisioning

Create the Active Directory user when an employee is hired (or rehired) in UKG.

User Deprovisioning

Disable the Active Directory user when an employee is terminated in UKG.

LDAP Attribute Mapping

Keep the Active Directory user attributes in sync with the UKG employee values.

Active Directory Group Mapping

Set Active Directory group membership based on UKG Pro values.

Automatic Manager Mapping

Set the Active Directory manager based on the employee's supervisor in UKG.

Send Email Updates to UKG Pro

Send the Active Directory email address back to UKG (when it is changed in Active Directory).


Send email notifications when a user is created, updated or disabled.

Access +250 UKG Pro Fields

Access more than 250 UKG Pro fields, including user-defined and platform-configuration fields.

Expressions and Conditions

Use simple or condition-based expressions to meet your business requirements.

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