License Activation

If you have purchased a license and would like to activate it, the information below describes the steps you should follow to activate the license.

The activation process requires that you enter both the company and license key, which should have been sent to you via email after you have completed your purchase. 

  • When activating the license, your stored configuration will remain as is, the activation process does not change your stored configurations.
  • Please note that a separate license is required per legal entity as stated in our license agreement (the license agreement is available to view within Connect to AD).
  • By activating the license, you are agreeing to our terms of service

To begin the license activation process, follow the steps below:

1. Click the settings icon in the bottom left corner as shown below. 

2. Select the Activation menu item which then shows the current license information.

3. Next, select the Activate button, which will allow you to enter the company name and license key.

Please note that the license key is tied to the company and you must use the values that were sent to you or it will not activate.



If the company and license key are valid, the license will be immediately activated and the license details will be visible in the Activation area.

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