Field Mappings

Mappings play an important role in moving and transforming the data from UKG Pro and into the Active Directory.

Two types of mappings can be set:

  1. Field mappings which are used to control what values are sent to an AD attribute.
  2. Group mappings which are used to control AD security group membership.

Field mappings are used to keep Active Directory attributes in sync with UKG Pro fields.

When setting up a field mapping, you select the Active Directory attribute that you want to sync and then you select the UKG Pro field(s) that you want to use as the value that will be sent. 

Mappings use expressions to determine what value to send to the AD attributes. The mapping expression evaluates and the result is used as the value that is sent to AD.

For a list of all supported fields, see Supported Objects.

We can use either a simple or conditional expression in the mappings. The possibilities of what can be done with expressions are plentiful as any C# expression can be used. 

Remember that Connect to AD also supports conditional expressions, which allows you to evaluate multiple conditions before determining which value to use in the mapping.

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