Scheduling allows you to set the cadence for the synchronization process. Each environment can be scheduled individually.

This means that you can have multiple environments defined, all running on different schedules.

Scheduling is managed by Windows Task Scheduler. All enabled environments have a matching task in Windows Task Scheduler. 

Please note that the scheduled task is created using the applications security context. If you are running Connect to AD as an administrator then it will most likely use the built in account NT AUTHORITY/SYSTEM. It may also use the currently signed in user account EXAMPLE\john.doe.

Which ever account is used, it will require permissions to create a task in Task Scheduler.

We recommend that you run Connect to AD as an administrator when enabling the  environment so that the required task is created in Task Scheduler. If you run into issues with the creation or running of the scheduled task, please open Connect to AD using "run as administrator" and then re-enable the environment.

After the task is created in Windows Task Scheduler, you can modify it as needed to meet your requirements. 

Do not change the name of the task as its the only way for Connect to AD to identify  the environments matching task.

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