Connect to AD is set up to log actions as it performs the synchronization process. These logs are very useful for tracking progress and identifying and resolving issues.

Each environment has its log, which can be viewed by selecting the Logs section.

A new log file is generated during each sync session. We will keep a maximum of 500 session logs and delete the older logs after that.

The environment log file is always located in the C:\ConnectToADData folder. The log file does not include any sensitive security information.

Connect to AD supports 2 levels of logging.


Normal logging captures high-level actions and failures. It should be used after you are satisfied with your implementation. 

No Personal Identifiable Information (PII)  is logged when using Normal logging. 



Debug logging captures all actions and failures and provides details of each action performed by Connect to AD.

Debug logging should only be used when experiencing issues and you need to troubleshoot the cause.

Debug logging slows the synchronization process and uses considerable hard drive space to store the detailed logs. Please ensure you have sufficient hard drive space to accommodate debug logging. You should switch to Normal logging when you are satisfied with your implementation, or you may find that the log file grows rapidly, and your system may run out of storage.

Logging allows you to drill down into details. You can double-click a log record to get additional information.

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