Conditional Expressions

You can use conditional expressions in your mappings to evaluate UKG or AD fields before determining which value to use.

A conditional expression uses Bool expressions to evaluate data, and then depending on the outcome, determine which value to use.

Conditional expressions are evaluated in order from the top down. The first condition that is a match (the condition is true), will be used as the output.

conditional expressions.png

Here are a few examples of commonly used string conditional expressions:

Auto Provision Conditions Rule

Employment.EmployeeStatus == 'Active'
All active employees will be provisioned
Employment.EmployeeStatus == 'Leave'
All on-leave employees will be provisioned
Employment.EmployeeStatus != 'Terminated'
All non-terminated employees will be provisioned

Enable Account Mapping

All active or on-leave employees will be enabled
Employment.EmployeeStatus != 'Terminated'
Only non-terminated employees will be enabled

Container Mapping

All employees living in Florida or Georgia will be provisioned or moved to the OU=Southeast container
All employees living in New York or Massachusetts will be provisioned or moved to the OU=Northeast container
All employees living in Illinois or Missouri will be provisioned or moved to the OU=Midwest container

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