String Expressions

String expressions are used to manipulate strings and always result in a string value.

Here are a few commonly used string expressions:  


Concatenate 2 UKG fields to create a single string value

Person.FirstName + ' ' + Person.LastName

This results in John Doe  


Concatenate 2 UKG fields and another string value

Person.LastName + ', ' + Person.FirstName

This results in Doe, John    


Concatenate a string value and a UKG field

'Department - ' + CostCentre1.Level1

This results in Department - 12345


Write out a constant string value


This results in Welcome123


Return only the first letter of an employee's name.

Person.FirstName.Substring(0, 1)

This results in J

String expressions allow one to combine any aspect of UKG fields as well as patterns to create the ideal Active Directory attribute value.

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