IsDisable Constant

IsDisable is a constant that can be used in conditional expressions to determine if the user record is being disabled.

The IsDisable constant relies on the result of the Enable Account mapping, as well as the current state of the Active Directory user account.

If the Enable Account mapping results in false, and the user account is currently enabled, then the account will be switched from enabled to disabled. This results in IsDisable == true.

Here are a few examples of IsDisable being used.

Move a user to a specific org unit when they are being disabled (use the Container mapping):

WHEN IsDisable
THEN OU=Disabled Users
If the user is being disabled (based on the result of the Account Enabled mapping), then the user will be moved to the Disabled Users org unit.
When a user is disabled, update their description to show the date that they were disabled on (use the Description mapping):
WHEN IsDisable 
THEN 'Disabled on '+ DateTime.Now
If the user is being disabled , then update the description attribute with the current date and time.

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