Employment (UKG)

The following fields can be used as part of the Employment object, which contains employee data related to each employee.

The fields, along with their returned data type are found below:

  • Date of Hire (datetime)
  • Date of Re-Hire (datetime)
  • Date of Start (datetime)
  • Date of termination (datetime)
  • Default Job Title (string)
  • Employee ID (string)
  • Employee Number (string)
  • Employee Status (string)
  • Employee Type (string)
  • Is Active (bool)
  • Is Manager (bool)
  • Is Supervisor (bool)
  • Is Terminated (bool)
  • Pay Grade (string)
  • Pay Type (string)
  • Payroll Classification (string)
  • Payroll Job Title (string)
  • Supervisor Employee Number (string)
  • Supervisor ID (string)
  • Worker Type (string)

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